Tick tock…

I’ve been waiting for this trip for 9 months and.. I CAN’T wait!

The day is approaching so quick and me and my boyfriend got everything ready (it’s been as exiting as stressing).

I am a holiday / new places discover lover. And that’s probably why I’m not a fan of living in my own country.

I love traveling. I wish I could do it anytime. Once again “we don’t have enough annual leave” who had the great idea of having 20 days of annual leave A YEAR. Crazy, init?

I’m sure this trip will change my perception of life and it’s because it’s not a typical week holiday lying on the sun (the idea is so tempting) but this time we have gone for an adventure.

We are going to… INDIA!

We will be traveling around the north of India and Nepal for 3 weeks. And the best is that I will be publishing each day on this blog. I want to tell you how I feel, what is changing in my mind, how challenging it can be. Literally, everything.

I want to show you the world.

It’s the first time that I go on holidays for that long. Three weeks. I cannot wait.

In a week today, I will be flying!


That word defines my day, today and everyday.

Good morning to “all of you”.

For the first time in two years I don’t have to wear uniform! Yaaaay (I thought).

Now is when I tell what I do. I am Early Years Teacher. I work with children. You must be asking yourself (as most of the people do) “HOW?”, “how can you do it?”, “how do you do it?”, “you work very long hours”, “you must be amazing“.

“You must be amazing”

Yes, I must be f**** amazing to do this kind of job. But I don’t want to get myself into this topic right now. Let’s talk about the fun side. I will tell you aaaall about it in another post.

The fun side is not wear a uniform! I mean “FUN”. Don’t wear a uniform, wear your own clothes. In another words, get bloody dirty and ruin your wardrobe. AND follow the dress code… that dress code.

And my dilema every morning is “what can I wear?” To look smart while working with children or just to look “decent”. How can you look decent when you have to have in mind that you’re going to go back home looking filthy, plus get in the train whit all of the smart, posh people whose are coming from working in the city.

It’s frustrating, it bloody is.

But do you know what? Today is sunny and we love playing with water in the garden and get filthy once again. That’s my dilemma.

Smart vs fun

Let’s have fun… or try to have fun!

Get the good vibes and enjoy the sun.

London can’t be sunny.

Work – Holidays?

Morning everyone,

I say everyone as if someone was reading this. I guess I just do it to fill my way to work, that one that I hate for a simple reason I hate public transport and I hatepeople in the morning.

My only reason is to pay for me next holiday.

And yes, that’s the main reason why I keep doing “this job” and you’d be asking yourself by now ‘what does she do?’ Well, there is a clue… screaming, crying… I can’t tell you anymore, just yet!

Having to stop typing to get in that bus full of students, people coughing (without covering their mouth *let’s all get sick*), talking loud…

Thanks. Now I forgot my main reason of this post. Let’s just get to work and wait for 6 o’clock. Go home. Have dinner. Have a shower. Have a cuddle. Go to sleep. Repeat.

Keep this song replaying in the morning. Thanks Dua Lipa for making my way to work a bit better.

IDGAF – Let’s play!

Get to know me

Hello everyone!

I’m just going to be honest with all of you, why did I create this blog (or diary, better I say)? Why would I be willing to publish my life?

Because I’m bored of my routine. I would like to tell everyone about everything, jump from topic to topic, tell you from my most exiting trip (I’m in love with traveling as much as than in 2O17 I went on holidays 7 times to 7 different places) to my day to day at work and my booooring journey to work (which I hate as much as everybody else, I guess).

By the way, I’m a Spaniard living in London who moved 3 years ago and fell in love with the most amazing man than a woman can ask for. If you stay with me… you might find out lots more about me and my life. I’m not pretending to be boooring or aburrida but I would really like to share with you all of this…. bare with me!